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The stunning Mountains of Northern Georgia and Western North Carolina are known as places where life tends to be a little easier and more laid back than the usual city buzz. For guests who are in need of a place to relax and will love to enjoy the view of beautiful mountain sides, the north Georgia and western North Carolina Mountains are the best places to be. Around these mountains are town Communities of Blairsville Ga, Hiawassee Ga, Hayesville NC and Murphy NC having some of the best accommodations and always rank among the utmost in resident satisfaction.


Boasting amazing views of the mountain, winding rivers and splendid country living homes, the north Georgia and western North Carolina mountain areas and its nearby communities still offers all the facilities of present city life, as well as exceptional educational and economic benefits all bordered by a stunning natural landscape.


Residents and visitors to the communities of Hiawassee, Blairsville, Hayesville and Murphy take pleasure in all the benefits of city living, which include culture, industry, shopping, arts and entertainment.


These communities, especially Blairsville are popular for providing residents with the opportunity to enjoy some of the simple pleasures of life and plentiful outdoor activities such as hiking the Appalachian Trail, walking the trails at Meeks Park, visiting Brasstown Bald which is the highest mountain in Georgia,mountain cycling and horseback riding, including water sports on two of its most outstanding lakes: Winfield Scott and Nottely. They also boast exploratory waterfalls and petroglyphs which can be explored by nature enthusiasts.


The rich natural beauty of the mountains makes it the perfect place to buy or rent a home for residential purposes, weekends or vacations as it’s a community where summers are breezy and winters are peacefully beautiful. Lake Chatuge, an immense body of water in Hiawassee, has a shoreline of over 132 miles, and winds its way around these mountain communities such as Hiawassee and Hayesville NC. The Hayesville community is a stunning and pleasant but very small town having less than 400 people but with a surprising amount of cultural and many activities while Hiawassee community is a small town of less than 1,000 bordering Lake Chatuge on the North and South Carolina borders. On the south-western North Carolina is Murphy town, a great location for a second home or retreat, mainly if you are attracted to a quiet and rural surroundings with a population of about 1600 individuals, boasting some of the best restaurants and shops for minor shopping.


Real estate in this mountain living areas are some of the very best as they offer closeness to the key places of interest. Cabins, condos, town houses and luxury apartments are all available year round to cater to individuals and you can rent or purchase outright any of these residential structures you fancy from experienced realtors. The houses closer to the mountains are priced higher as they offer better view of the lake, valley and mountain top scenery.

With a sight that will undeniably capture your heart, the mountains of North Georgia and Western North Carolina always present its visitors with something to do while they are here.